Pet Guarantee

Often rental property owners are concerned about the potential of damage to their investment property due to pets. 

At Cornerstone, we are confident in our tenant screening process. We've recently implemented an additional pet screening process, where we evaluate a potential pet prior to approval. We are just as confident in that process, which allows us to offer you, our valued clients, our Pet Guarantee.

Cornerstone will pay up to $2000 towards any damages or required repairs caused by a pet that Cornerstone approved. 

Landlord account with Cornerstone Real Estate Team must be in good standing and with no violations of the terms of the Management Agreement. Termination of the Management Agreement shall cause enrollment in Pet Guarantee to immediately terminate and  Cornerstone Real Estate Team shall not be responsible for any claims either past or future, even if tenant placement was done by  Cornerstone Real Estate Team. Tenant must have been screened and approved by  Cornerstone Real Estate Team and on a  Cornerstone Real Estate Team lease agreement dated May 30, 2019, or later.

In the event a tenant defaults on their payment or rent,  Cornerstone Real Estate Team will have the sole right and sole discretion to pursue legal proceedings for payment. Any costs associated with an eviction or charges for pet damage will first be billed to the tenant.  Cornerstone Real Estate Team will first attempt to collect funds from tenant to reimburse owner. If  Cornerstone Real Estate Team does not collect these funds from the tenant, then  Cornerstone Real Estate Team will pay these expenses within the coverage limits as noted above.

All amounts due from tenant for pet damage will first be deducted from the tenants' security deposit, and Cornerstone Real Estate Team will pay any amount over the security deposit to the maximum payout amount. Cornerstone Real Estate Team will have a first claim position against tenant for any payment(s) recovered. The maximum payout by  Cornerstone Real Estate Team per lease agreement will not exceed $2,000. All payouts by  Cornerstone Real Estate Team will be made after the tenant has vacated the premise and after the completion of the security deposit disposition. Any lease or pet administration fees charged to the tenant will be retained by Cornerstone Real Estate Team.

This guarantee applies only to pets approved by  Cornerstone Real Estate Team and does not apply if a tenant has an unauthorized pet. This guarantee excludes Service Animals per Fair Housing guidelines. This guarantee also excludes eviction fees for any tenant on a government subsidized program including Section 8.

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