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Using Video To Market Your Home

In addition to the high quality color, wide-angle photos for your property, we also shoot a quality video tour of the home to give the viewer a better feel for the layout of the home that you just can’t get from photos. The video is uploaded to our YouTube account, posted on our website with your listing, and published to our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. Video allows us to reach more potential tenants so you have a bigger pool of quality renters interested in leasing your property.

Not only does video allow more people to view your property, it allows prospective renters to do so from the comfort of their home. We can prequalify those who are interested so that we can spend the time showing the home to people who are really interested. No time is wasted on our end or on the prospective tenant’s end, which means we can fill the vacancy more quickly and efficiently.

Video Documentation of Your Property

Our initial video gives us a record of what your property looks like on day 1 of our management. Fast forward to 1-4 years in the future when your tenant vacates, and we have the ability to compare the move-out video with the original. The video is a permanent record of the condition of your home, which we will use when we start doing the itemization of the security deposits.

How We Shoot Our Videos

Our Property Managers shoot our video tours using a camera purchased for that purpose. A few extra gadgets that include a wide angle lens, light kit, and microphone give our video tours the professional look your property deserves.

This use of this technology gives us a competitive advantage, and we strongly believe that it is what our potential tenants have come to expect in today’s technologically advanced world.

If you have any questions about our video marketing, or you’re interested in learning more about our property management services, please contact us at Cornerstone Real Estate Team HERE.

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