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Our 21 Day Lease Guarantee

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Hello, and greetings from Colorado Springs. My name's Lance Kohler. I'm the president of the Cornerstone Real Estate team. Today, I'd like to talk to you about our 21-day lease guarantee. Essentially, we offer a guarantee that we can lease your property in 21 days or less. You don't want your property sitting on the market for 30, 60, or 90 days. We don't want your property sitting on the market for 30, 60 or 90 days. Oftentimes when an owner puts their property up for lease, that's one of their concerns -- that it's going to sit on the market forever and they're not going to have any income. So we understand that and we want to put your mind at ease. We have over a thousand unit-hours of leasing experience. We think we've got everything in place to be able to do that in a quick and timely manner, so we offer this 21 day lease guarantee.

Now, if we don't meet the 21-day lease guarantee, then your first two months of management are free. We offer that as part of our guarantee, if we're unable to lease your property (subject to the conditions I'll go over in a minute), then we will give you the first two months of management free. Conditions apply, and the conditions that we require are: First, we have to set the rental price. Now that doesn't mean that we're going to take your $1,600 a month townhome and lease it for $500 a month, just so we can get it leased quickly. We would certainly get it leased quickly that way, but that wouldn't be to your benefit nor would it be to our benefit because we're probably not finding the correct tenant or the right customer for your property.

So we will set the rental price, but it will be based on the real-time market analysis. And we'll review the price with you and we’ll document that on the addendum that I'll talk about here in a few bullet points.  We're going to monitor the listing. We're going to track it very closely, at least twice a week. We're going to review it to make sure we're getting the right amount of traffic for your property, and by traffic I mean email inquiries, phone calls inquiries, and the number of showings that we need to have in order to rent your property in a timely manner. We'll that with you, and if we have any price adjustments, we'll discuss that with you as well.

Secondly, the property has to be vacant and in rent-ready condition. I did a video a couple of weeks ago on rent-ready, what that means, and why it's so important. But a vacant property rents more quickly, and the property has to be in rent-ready condition. We've leased a couple of properties this week, where the tenant has moved in within a week of listing the property. So we want to be able to move quickly when we have that opportunity.

Third, the property must allow approved pets –so you can't have a no-pet policy. You can't have a restrictive pet policy. We do a separate screening for all animals going into any property that we manage and we stand behind that. We estimate that here in Colorado Springs, 75-80% of all renters have an animal of some sort. So a no-pet policy or restrictive pet policy essentially removes almost 80% of the market from being able to lease your property. Without allowing pets – approved pets – into the property, we wouldn't be able to honor that lease guarantee.

And lastly, as I'd mentioned before, there's an addendum that we will want to add to your property management agreement. If you opt-in for the 21-day lease guarantee, we've got to complete the addendum and it'll discuss these conditions so that we're all in agreement and we've got it in writing. Then we can execute. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our New Account Specialist, Ryan.  His phone number is here (719-425-2868) or you can reach us on our website at Thanks, and have a great day!