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System - Monday, June 20, 2016

Tenant screening can be done in 5 easy steps, especially if you’re working with a property manager who has access to technology and resources. We’re sharing our process today, so you can see how a professional screens potential tenants. Always

Prequalify A Tenant

The first step is the prequalification period. We prequalify all interested tenants on the phone or by email. We provide them with our minimum leasing criteria and ask them to confirm that they meet those criteria before we set up a showing. You don’t want to waste your time or the tenant’s time if they don’t meet your minimum standards.

Schedule a Showing

If they meet the criteria, we go ahead and schedule a showing. At the property, we have another opportunity to talk face to face with our prospect and discuss the conditions of our lease. We can share the expectations we have for any tenants who lease a property we manage.

Provide Online Applications

Online applications are an efficient way to gather all the necessary data we need for a thorough screening. Everything is on our website, and we usually get the results that same day.

5 Part Background Check

From that application, we conduct a 5 part screening and background check. We look at the FICO score, and check for a criminal background or a listing on the Registered Sex Offender List. Then, we confirm income and employment. We also confirm previous tenancies with former landlords and check for prior evictions.

45-Day Survey

The last part of this process is to do a survey 45 days after a tenant moves in. We go to the property and meet with the tenant. We take a look at the home, confirm the condition report, and make sure everything looks good. We’ll check to make sure the appliances are working and there aren’t any problems with the plumbing or the electrical system. This is another chance to go over our expectations for how the property is maintained.

This is tenant screening in 5 easy steps. If you have any questions, please contact us at Cornerstone Real Estate Team.

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